Cricket Betting Sites Canada

Cricket is a global sport that has been played in one form or another for over 500 years. When you think of the countries that hold cricket as one of their national sports, India, the UK, South Africa, and New Zealand are likely to come to your mind. Canada, on the other hand, probably doesn’t strike you as a cricket nation. However, if that’s the case, then you’re wrong. 

Cricket has been around Canada since the 19th century, and the first Auty Cup match against the USA was played back in 1844. Furthermore, the Canadian Global T20 was the first franchise Twenty20 league sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in North America. Therefore, Canada has a lot to offer when cricket is concerned.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget that, where there is cricket, there is also cricket betting. That’s why bettors across the Big White North can find top cricket betting sites right there in their backyard and enjoy competitive odds, great bonuses and promotions, and a variety of betting markets for the most important matches. 

In this guide, not only will we tell you about the best online cricket betting sites, but we will also discuss the top competitions and most common bets you can place on cricket. 

So, stay tuned. 

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites 

Your search for the best cricket betting site needs to include multiple parameters for you to get to the ones that are truly the best. For instance, you need to check which cricket sportsbook sites offer competitive odds, reliable and safe payment methods, lucrative bonuses, and many other factors. This takes time, which is why, to save you the trouble, we have compiled the list of the best cricket betting sites that tick all the right boxes. Check them out.

Top Cricket Competitions to Bet On 

Cricket is a game that offers multiple tournaments and competitions across the globe, and you can find all of them on the betting sites from our list. Here are some of the most popular cricket tournaments for sports wagering. 

ICC World Cup

The ICC World Cup is the world’s largest cricket competition held every four years. The tournament belongs to One Day International cricket games where two teams play 50 overs in a match that can last up to 8 hours. This offers a great number of in-play betting opportunities. Australia is a country with the most titles, five in total. It is followed by India, the West Indies team, and England. 


Indian Premier League is one of the best Twenty20 (T20) national competitions in the world. From March to May, bettors can place bets on the outright winner of the competition, the number of wickets the best bowlers will have by the end of the competition, and multiple other betting markets found in top cricket betting sites on our list. Teams like the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, and others are manned by top cricket players like Kane Williamson, Virat Kohli, and many others. 

Twenty20 cricket is a special shortened version of cricket. In it, two teams have a single innings each, restricted to 20 overs. These last approximately 90 minutes, which makes this version of cricket the fastest possible. 

Test Matches  

Test matches are cricket games that are taken as the highest standard of the game. They also represent the longest form of cricket since these matches can last for hours on end, hence the name Test.  Test matches are played between international teams of the Test status, such as New Zealand, England, India, South Africa, and eight other teams. A standard day of Test cricket matches is composed of three sessions lasting two hours each, which gives punters a lot of opportunities to bet during these games. 

Ashes Series 

The Ashes Series is a biannual cricket competition that consists of a series of cricket matches played between England and Australia. Their rivalry is among the fiercest in the world of cricket, so you can expect cricket sportsbooks and cricket betting exchange sites to offer enhanced odds or odds boost promotions for these particular games. 

What Types of Wagers Can Be Placed on Cricket?

Nowadays, there is a plethora of betting options you can use on cricket. However, in the beginning, cricket betting markets were quite limited — in fact, you could only bet on the match winner or series winners, like the Ashes Series. Luckily, over the years, the scope of cricket betting has expanded considerably. 

Now, bettors can place a variety of proposition bets, such as betting on the batsman with the most runs during a match, the top bowler with the most wickets crashed, or the man of the match. 

There is virtually an inexhaustible source of betting markets for cricket matches, thanks to the multiple layers of the game. You can even bet on a coin toss that takes place before each game. How fun is that? 

Final Thoughts 

Our guide here has been designed not only to present the best online cricket betting sites but also to help you gain a deeper understanding of how wagering on cricket works and what the competitions and tournaments where you can find the best odds and wagering opportunities are. With these insights and the knowledge of the game, you can significantly boost your chances of success — just remember, always bet what you can afford to lose. 


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