Betting Sites Review Canada – Best Sportsbooks Reviewed 2021

Today’s iGaming scene is replete with betting sites claiming to offer the best bonuses, the most competitive odds, and the greatest variety of sports to bet on. It’s easy to get confused or waste time and money trying to figure out where you can get the best bang for your buck.

For these reasons, we have taken it upon ourselves to review Canadian sports betting sites and compile a list of the best sportsbooks on the market. So, if you’ve been on the prowl for the best place to lay your bets, your search may end here. 

Choose one of the websites from our comprehensive list or continue reading for a detailed breakdown of how we single out the most significant bookies out there.

Best Online Betting Sites in Canada in 2021

Having accumulated years of experience in the iGaming world, our experts know well what bettors expect from a good online bookmaker. That’s why they have looked at various essential aspects like bonuses and promotions, the range of sports to bet on, betting odds, variety of bets, accessibility, banking, and more.

This resulted in our Canadian sports betting sites reviews in which we secern only the websites that tick all of the boxes, so you don’t have to settle for less.

Our Sportsbook Reviews Reveal the Most Lucrative Online Sportsbook Bonuses

Although most betting sites nowadays offer a range of bonuses and promotions, we can confidently say that sportsbooks we reviewed are incredibly open-handed when it comes to giving out free stuff. 

The betting sites on our list offer lavish first deposit bonuses, and some don’t even wait for your first deposit — they shower you with gifts just for signing up with them.

However, special offers and promotions don’t stop here. Having conducted our Canadian sports betting sites reviews, we singled out bookies that offer generous bonuses to their regular players. These include reload bonuses, free bets, reduced juice wagers, and VIP programs. 

Welcome Bonuses

Nowadays, it pretty much goes without saying that sportsbooks will offer some kind of a welcome bonus. Very few players even consider signing up with a bookie that doesn’t extend the courtesy of this kind of promotion. 

That’s why our best betting site reviews include only those sportsbooks that give the best sign-up offers. Be it free cash, free bets, no deposit bonuses, or some combination of the three, rest assured that all betting sites on our roster will fulfill all your expectations. 

Reload Bonuses 

After you’ve used up the funds from your welcome bonus package, you’ll be thrilled to see that these betting sites have more promotions in store for you. One of them is a reload bonus that you can claim by making deposits.

Usually, you’re not offered a reload bonus for every deposit you make, but they do come reasonably often, in most cases weekly or monthly. 

Although these promotions are not as lucrative as welcome bonuses, they still provide you with free bets and bonus cash to increase your chances of winning big. 

Reduced Juice Wagers

With every bet you make in an online sportsbook, the website takes a part of it as a commission. This amount is usually called the wig, the rake, or the juice. However, the best online sportsbooks we reviewed sometimes run special promotions reducing the juice on specific bets. This way, the site gives up some of its share to make it possible for you to wager less and win more.  

VIP Programs

Reserved for the most ardent of players, VIP or loyalty programs offer special perks to those who keep coming back to the same betting site. Usually, every bet you make will earn you loyalty points that let you access bountiful rewards. 

These prizes range from having access to a special account manager to free cash to vacations and sometimes even brand new cars. Whatever the case, the Canadian sports betting sites we reviewed have the best VIP programs on the market. 

Our Canadian Sportsbetting Sites Reviews Allow You to Bet on Your Favourite Canadian Sports

One of the top criteria we used while doing our best betting sites reviews is the number of sports that players can bet on. This resulted in a list of sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of sports markets, including both Canadian and international leagues. 

Read about the most popular sports you can bet on in every sportsbook we featured. 

Ice Hockey

It is only natural to start the list with Canada’s most beloved sport – ice hockey. As you probably already know, Canadian teams are quite successful in the NHL. For this reason, our sportsbook reviews include only the websites that make it possible for Canadians to bet on their favourite sport. 


Basketball is a widely popular sport, and Canadian bettors seem to have joined in on the frenzy. Apart from the universally present NBA market, the sportsbooks on our list make it possible for you to bet on Euroleague, VTB United League, CBA, NCAA, ACB, Greek Basket League, and many more.


Judging by the number of bets placed each year, Canadian bettors must be crazy about football. Therefore, our best betting sites reviews focused on bookies that allow you to bet on the widest range of football betting markets. You can bet on the NFL, AFL, Canadian Football League, USFL, college football, etc. 


A good betting site cannot skip betting on the most popular sport on the planet. Even though betting on soccer has become a part of every decent sports betting platform, we handpicked those that let you bet on the greatest number of fixtures. 

Opting for any of the sites on our list enables you to bet on Major League Soccer, Canadian Premier League, Canadian Soccer League, and other leagues, including Serie A, English Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA, LA Liga, and countless others. 

Other Sports

Although we’ve listed only the most popular sports Canadian citizens enjoy betting on, the list is far from finite. The websites we feature also offer betting on curling, MMA, tennis, cycling, rugby, baseball, horse racing, e-sports, and even betting on politics and other non-sports events. 

Best Betting Sites Reviews – The Range of Sports Bets

We cannot talk about sports betting without mentioning the different kinds of bets you can place to maximize your winning potential. Let’s dive into the details of the most popular types of bets.

Money Lines

The money line is probably the most popular type of bet, and it can be used in all kinds of sports.

Since money line is a very simple type of bet, it’s particularly suitable for beginners and recreational bettors. It works by bettors trying to predict which team or player will win the game. You don’t have to take scores into account, and there are no point spreads. 

Considering the fact that two competing sides rarely have equal chances of winning, bookies apply odds to each contender, relative to their strength. Thus, you’d have to cash out more to wager on the favourite team than you would have to for the underdog for the same reward amount. 

It’s important not to get confused by the symbols used to mark these bets. Namely, bets placed on favourite teams and players are marked with the minus sign, whereas those placed on underdogs are designated with a plus sign. 

Point Spread

Point spread bets are commonly confused with money lines. However, there is more to point spreads than picking the winning side. The goal here is to predict whether the team or player will win or lose by a certain number of points.

For example, the spread is set at +7.5 on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and you take that bet. To win, the team needs to lose by less than seven points or win the game. On the other hand, if the spread is -7.5, the team needs to beat their opponent by 8 points or more for you to cash in on that bet.

Although point spreads are usually associated with football and basketball, they can be used in all types of sports. 

Total Points – Over or Under

Another common and straightforward type of market is the over/under. This is a very simple bet in which you have to consider the total points, goals, or runs in a game, and it can be used in all sports. 

The sportsbook will predict a particular score and the bettors put their money on whether the actual outcome will be over or under that number.


Parlays allow bettors to wager on multiple games placed on a single bet. The same wager can include different types of bets, such as money lines, over/under, point spreads, and many more. The only condition is that these bets are placed on different games.

Players opt for this kind of betting because of the possibility of a larger payout. However, as is usually the case in the gambling world, higher reward equals higher stakes. 

Namely, to win the prize with this kind of bet, you’ll have to guess all outcomes correctly. If one of the “legs” or selections loses, the whole parlay loses. 

On the other hand, the parlay is one of the most flexible bets out there since you don’t only get to combine different games into the same parley, but different sports as well.

Sportsbook Review Canada – Sites With the Most Competitive Odds

When it comes to choosing the best sportsbook, a good range of bets is not all that matters. We know that odds play an essential role in selecting a quality website. Therefore, our best online sportsbooks reviews present the bookies offering the most competitive odds on the market. 

While it may seem like our sites’ odds are only slightly higher than the average, this does add up over time, increasing your profits in the long run. 

Online Bookmakers Reviews – Mobile Betting

There’s rarely an online service that you can’t use on your mobile devices in this day and age. That’s why all of the operators we picked for our best betting sites reviews have streamlined platforms that work perfectly on smartphones and tablets. 

Although some bookies on our roster have designated apps you can download, most of these websites can be accessed via any browser on a mobile device, be it Android or iOS-powered.


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